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CREV is an ERC-20 Utility Token Contract:
(0xfb6e558b811d26bc74e86515cbc36e6aee9101a7 )
Token in ITO for sale: 17.250.000 CREV

CREV is an "utility token" (CREV) that will become your access key to an ever-expanding ecosystem of opportunities and services like trading, mining, e-learning and masternode pool.

To buy CREV you have to sign up in our Main Platform:

CryptoRevolution provides cloud mining on the following algorithms:

SHA-256, which is used to mine Bitcoins;
SCRYPT, which is used to mine Litecoins;
ETHASH, which is used to mine Ethereum and Ethereum Classic;
EQUIHASH, which is used to mine ZEN and ZEC;
BLAKE256R14, which is used to mine DCR;
LYRA2REV2, which is used to mine MONA and VTC.

No. It is not possible to use any Fiat currency or credit card.
Not even other cryptocurrencies.

Only CREV tokens are accepted.

You can Buy them into:

Our Cloud Mining Service give you opportunity to earn simple profits from daily payouts with the amount that depends only on the amount of HPP (Hash Power Packs) you have purchased.
To calculate the estimated profit from our plans, you have to consider that each HPP allows you to mine different coins. On the Pricing Page under "Plan Details" you will find all information about the cryptocurrencies we mine by using that hash power amount.

To calculate it now, you will need to include hash power amount for each coins in one of the calculators you can find online, for example:


Choose Coin and set :
- all Power values to zero,
- Pool Fees to zero,
- Hardware Costs to zero.

Of course. Our HPPs (Hash Power Packs) include mixed algorithms for mining using our miners.
Take a look at "Pricing Page" and in "Plan Details", you will have all the informations on which coins are mined from the specific HPP Plan.

Yes. Once you have logged into Platform you will receive an affiliate code.

Share the code with any person you’d like to. Every time someone use your affiliate code, they will receive a 3%* discount on their purchase, and you’ll get a 3%* bonus in CREV.

*The % value depends by your current level of affiliation: the higher your rank, the bigger the rewards will be for you and for your affiliate!

No minimum amount is requested to proceed with the withdraw process.

Withdrawal fees are as follows:

- 0,0001 BTC for Bitcoin,
- 0,0030 ETH for Ethereum,
- 0,0010 LTC for Litecoin

- 1 CREV for our Token*

*be sure to use an ERC-20 compatible wallet to withdraw CREV Tokens.