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So, you have decided to start using cloud mining services and earn your first cryptocurrency budget. This is the moment where you need us to deal with the decision. All those cloud mining bitcoin services work with different attitude and approach, but the principle, in general, is quite the same. Any company has its own mining factories where powerful computers and servers are held. Each company offers its own amount of contracts with different price, advantages, schedule, and type of cryptocurrency. Not all cloud mining services work with all cryptocurrency types existing nowadays. Of course, Bitcoin is a must. But before purchasing your first contract, you should be clear about the cryptocurrency you want to mine. Most of those contracts are scheduled for more than one year. But most important thing when you compare price for Hash Power is to verify maintenance fees. Many contracts have good price for hash but then if you calculate price + fee something change ! So much better to choose a service without fees (hidden or not). Also, you need to note the payout schedule offered by the company. If company is healthy, payouts are offered every day with no delays.